Our Company took its place in production sector in 1971 in Ankara, under the name of Dönmez Metal Sanayi, with aluminium frame accessories production and carried on its activities until 1997 in this manner. From then on, our Company continue its activites in the production facilities both in Hadımkoy İstanbul and Gaziosmanpaşa İstanbul under the name of DMS Metal ve Yapı Sistemleri Tic. Ltd. Şti., which are constracted on a total of 1500m2 area, also occupying with research of new products by following and adopting modern technology.

In our mold workshop, which is among our facilities, we produce the metal cutting, plastering and injection molds and also meet the orders from other Companies. For our company, quality is not a level which is reached and to be preserved, but its a goal to be renewed and improved in accordance with the conditions. For our Company, ''QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM'' is not to discriminate defective production, but is the effort to reach perfect production.

With the principle of high quality and uninterrupted service and with the addition of 5 AXIS and 4 AXIS CNC profile machinary of vertical millings and lathes to our grup, we can offer aluminium parts and mechanical prossesing from 200.000 to 250.000 units of finished and ready to use product to the market monthly. We are capabil enough to meet the demand of our customers with the present wide variety of Aluminium profile products of our Company. We are also equiped with automatic machinery to cover the requests of different sectors such as special parts and profiles..

As per the demand of our customers, the variety of our production also contains furniture fittings and accessories, dilatation profiles, plasters, seams, special purpose profiles, cutting, drilling, treading, open screw treading, bending, etc. of different materials. This present annual process of 2.500.000 meters capacity is gradually increasing every year.
Our understanding and aim of quality is, to bring our products up to a level to attract the attention, keep active and meet the demands of our customers within the International Standarts. For this purpose, by gradually increasing service quality, this year our Company deserved to own the ISO 9001-2008 Certificate.

Thus our Company considers;

. To focus all activities fort the satisfaction of customers,
. To improve the quality and service of products given to the Customers,
. To secure on time delivery,
. To prevent waste and loss in order to produce materials and give service with a minimum cost
. To consider the principle of manifacturing maximum quality products to meet the demands of customers.


ISO 9001 : 2008
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